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Apr 02, 2019

Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding Reception

You might guess that as a professional photographer, I would be dismissive about photo booths. But that’s not true — I love photo booths! They bring such a different kind of photography to a wedding or event, serving as both an additional way to capture the day AND as entertainment for your guests. And nowadays, a good photo booth with excellent equipment can produce fantastic photos. In fact, I love photo booths so much that I launched a photo booth company 2 years ago!

If you’re an engaged couple who is wondering if a photo booth is really worth it, here are my top 4 reasons that you need to have a photo booth at your reception:

1. Photo booths are FUN! 
Remember being 4 years old and running around the house in a cape and mask? It’s okay to admit it — we all did it! The fact is, most of us still have that 4 year old living inside. All we need to let it out is an excuse … and some swanky props! A good photo booth provides both the props and the excuse, and you and your guests will have the BEST time playing and getting your photo snapped!


2. Photo booths provide the perfect souvenir! 
Imagine going to a wedding and taking home a great favor … let’s say a custom cookie. It’s delightful, but about twenty minutes after you get home, there’s nothing but crumbs left! And let’s not even talk about the bad, boring wedding favors! The fact is that MOST souvenirs and favors are forgotten or used up soon after the event. A photo strip, on the other hand, is a souvenir that keeps the wedding alive in your guests’ minds and hearts! It will make them smile every time they see it on their fridge door, tucked into a picture frame, or used as a bookmark.
3. Photo booth experiences are shareable!
While you’re in the booth, you’ll be goofing and vogueing with your friends, connecting with them and enjoying the experience together. And AFTER the party, you will have photos to share on social media, to email to your besties, to store on your phone … You can relive the celebration with those who were there and SHARE the reception with those who missed it.
4. Photo booths let you capture MORE shots of your guests!
I have never heard a couple say, “Gee, I wish we had fewer photos of our wedding guests!” I know that the photographer you hire will be working hard to take photos of your guests enjoying the reception. But even the most conscientious photographer can’t capture everything and everyone! So I love that photo booths give you additional images of your friends and loved ones. Not only that, but many people who get a bit stiff and camera-shy in front of a human with a camera can relax in front of a non-threatening photo booth. When you look through your photo booth gallery after the wedding, you’ll be so grateful for all of these additional photos of your guests!Adding a photo booth to your reception is such a wonderful way to keep the fun rolling and to loosen up your guests. I think that ALL wedding receptions can benefit from the fun that a photo booth brings. If your wedding is coming up soon, I would love if you would consider my company StrikeyPosey
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