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15 Noteworthy Wedding Photobooths in Singapore By The Wedding Vow SG

15 Noteworthy Wedding Photobooths in Singapore By The Wedding Vow SG

15 Noteworthy Wedding Photobooths in Singapore.

What’s a fun and easy way to entertain your guests? Photobooths, of course! This trend allows your guests to have some fun while waiting for your reception to start, or to bide time in between the courses. Photobooths are a great way to liven up the party and also capture some fun memories of your special occasion. We have shortlisted 15 Noteworthy Wedding Photobooth Vendors in Singapore that offer a range of services for your wedding day. Whether you are looking for classic photobooths, innovative holographic prints, or even professional studio setup and lighting, this shortlist has everything you might be looking for. We have included vendors that not only know how to print high-quality images at insane speed, but are energetic and know how to please the crowd! Excited to share our list with you! Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post.

Strikey Posey, for an innovative and brand new photo booth experience

strikey posey

“You specify, and we satisfy.” Since their establishment in 2016, Strikey Posey has adopted this well-received approach in reinventing the photo booth experience in a creative fashion. Featuring the latest trends and technologies, their friendly and dedicated team has had much experience not only in weddings, but also working with big brands such as Standard Chartered, Chevrons, FoodPanda, SGX, WeWork, and more in its diverse portfolio.

Lazy to get up to capture a photo? Or looking for an innovative, brand new photo booth experience to wow your guests at your wedding? Strikey Posey’s latest Light Roamer has got your back. An on-the-go photo booth, the Light Roamer roams around your wedding venue, capturing moments be it on the dance floor or at the tables. With a myriad of entertaining features including Boomerang videos, animated GIFs, and virtual filters, guests can instantly share their videos and pictures on social media. The Light Roamer comes in three packages – Deluxe, Supreme, and The Works, with branding available on the ring itself at an additional cost. Check out their full range of photo booths here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Starts from ~$499 for 2 hours
  • Starts from ~$570 for 3 hours
  • Starts from ~$670 for 4 hours

Check out Strikey Posey for your wedding photo booth >

Strikey Posey
Website | | +65 8700 5750
Facebook | Instagram


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Are Photobooths still in?

Are Photobooths still in?

Well, it’s 2019 and at Strikey Posey,  we’re stoked to see what this year brings. We can’t say what the Billboard #1 song will be or whether cargo pants will actually be acceptable fashion again…But we can share what the top trends for photo booths will be this year. Because it’s kinda what we do (and we love what we do).

2019 is going to be a year of experiences. People don’t want to just step in front of a camera and say “cheese” anymore. It’s about so much more. It’s about capturing unbelievable moments, embracing minimalism and showing off your personality.

We at Strikey Posey can’t wait to help create and capture these experiences for you in 2019, so without further ado, here are the Top 5 Photo Booth Trends of 2019!

5) Video and GIF booths are in.

Like, really in. Like the 90s and my favorite velvet dress from elementary school are back in.

Both GIF and video booths are great for leaving a personalized message for the bride and groom, letting people know how much you’re loving the party, or capturing those moments of movement where you’re like, “Oh, THAT’S my best side!” (And if you’re like me, that totally depends on the day.)

4) Props – choose carefully…

Let’s talk about props for a minute. If you’ve ever been in a photo booth, you’ve probably held up a handlebar mustache on a stick or put on those huge clown glasses. They’re fun, quirky and definitely lighten up the mood.

But in 2019, minimalist props will be key. You’ll see a decrease in funny glasses and an increase in simple, themed props. Basically, if it was created exclusively for your party, definitely use that prop. But if you find yourself picking up glasses and a mustache on a stick and a funny hat…maybe it’s time to just put them all back and grab a drink and a friend to be in front of the camera with you.

Props can be a great addition, but make sure, when you look back on the photo, you’re remembering the experience of the event as a whole. And let me tell you, you’ll want to remember who you spent the event with and not what you look like with fake lips.

3) Set Designs: it’s all about the experience!

With props being much more streamlined and minimalist, we’ll be seeing the sets of photo booths becoming increasingly more unique!

And we’re not talking just fun backdrops (even though that’s still totally a thing). We’re talking full-on sets where the photo experience and the props are one. These work great with GIF experiences and are perfect for really capturing the vibe of your event.

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Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding Reception

Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding Reception


You might guess that as a professional photographer, I would be dismissive about photo booths. But that’s not true — I love photo booths! They bring such a different kind of photography to a wedding or event, serving as both an additional way to capture the day AND as entertainment for your guests. And nowadays, a good photo booth with excellent equipment can produce fantastic photos. In fact, I love photo booths so much that I launched a photo booth company 2 years ago!

If you’re an engaged couple who is wondering if a photo booth is really worth it, here are my top 4 reasons that you need to have a photo booth at your reception:

1. Photo booths are FUN! 
Remember being 4 years old and running around the house in a cape and mask? It’s okay to admit it — we all did it! The fact is, most of us still have that 4 year old living inside. All we need to let it out is an excuse … and some swanky props! A good photo booth provides both the props and the excuse, and you and your guests will have the BEST time playing and getting your photo snapped!


2. Photo booths provide the perfect souvenir! 
Imagine going to a wedding and taking home a great favor … let’s say a custom cookie. It’s delightful, but about twenty minutes after you get home, there’s nothing but crumbs left! And let’s not even talk about the bad, boring wedding favors! The fact is that MOST souvenirs and favors are forgotten or used up soon after the event. A photo strip, on the other hand, is a souvenir that keeps the wedding alive in your guests’ minds and hearts! It will make them smile every time they see it on their fridge door, tucked into a picture frame, or used as a bookmark.
3. Photo booth experiences are shareable!
While you’re in the booth, you’ll be goofing and vogueing with your friends, connecting with them and enjoying the experience together. And AFTER the party, you will have photos to share on social media, to email to your besties, to store on your phone … You can relive the celebration with those who were there and SHARE the reception with those who missed it.
4. Photo booths let you capture MORE shots of your guests!
I have never heard a couple say, “Gee, I wish we had fewer photos of our wedding guests!” I know that the photographer you hire will be working hard to take photos of your guests enjoying the reception. But even the most conscientious photographer can’t capture everything and everyone! So I love that photo booths give you additional images of your friends and loved ones. Not only that, but many people who get a bit stiff and camera-shy in front of a human with a camera can relax in front of a non-threatening photo booth. When you look through your photo booth gallery after the wedding, you’ll be so grateful for all of these additional photos of your guests!Adding a photo booth to your reception is such a wonderful way to keep the fun rolling and to loosen up your guests. I think that ALL wedding receptions can benefit from the fun that a photo booth brings. If your wedding is coming up soon, I would love if you would consider my company StrikeyPosey
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