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Aug 27, 2021

Five reasons why roaming photobooth is the new go-to photobooth service!

Photo booths will always have a special place in our hearts. They’re the bread and butter of our business. We’re huge fans of this service! If you’re stuck between renting one of our photo booths or booking roaming photo booth, check out these reasons why a roaming photo booth could work for your event:

1) Mobility — Roaming photo booth allows our photographer to move around your event space and capture it all versus being stationary like with a typical photo booth! This is an ideal concept if you have a large guest list so we can maximize and take photos of the whole party like we have done in the past few events during Covid 19. You’ll get photos of guests enjoying all elements of your event versus waiting for them to hop in front of the photo booth.

2) Time efficient — With a traditional photo booth, it’s easy for a line to form, taking your guests away from your event! A roaming photo booth is a perfect way to alleviate this challenge because it only takes our team 20–30 seconds to take a photo versus 45–60 seconds with a traditional photo booth. This way your guests can get the same photos they would with a photo booth then back to having fun at your event!

3) Minimal space — Because only a photographer is needed, roaming photo booth takes up no space! If anything, our photographer is just another person at your event! If you decide to add printing to your service but still don’t have much space, no worries! With the table and printer added, we only take up 2×4’ of space!

4) Increased interaction — The beauty of our roaming photo booth is having a positive and professional photographer with an Ipad camera take candid and posed shots of your guests at your event! Our photographer will even let you know when to smile if you need the heads up as well, so you truly are picture-perfect with every shot!

5) Budget-friendly — Roaming photo booth is perfect for any type of event you wouldn’t normally pay for a full-time photographer but still want great memories! Some popular events we’ve done with roaming photobooth are D&D, wedding receptions, corporate and social parties, grand openings, etc. A roaming photo booth can be used to supplement what your photographer may otherwise miss or you have a smaller budget.
As far as upgrades with roaming photobooth, we can easily add any of our luxury backdrops or installations, extra time for detailed shots of your event, and anything that you would normally get with a photo booth! Still not convinced or have questions? Shoot an email to our team today to learn about how a roaming photobooth can be used at your next event!

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